Duplicate Finder

  • Can search for any duplicate data of any type of list column.
  • View-based search provided.
  • For the purpose of searching the duplicate items easily, it provides two options as follow:

    1. Show items if all of the selected fields contain duplicate data. (AND)
    2. Show items if any one of the selected fields contains duplicate data. (OR)
  • It also supports to find duplicate items for cross-site lookup fields.
  • The following field level search options are provided for any plain-text column:

    1. Case Sensitive
          Whether to check case sensitivity for the specific column in finding duplicates.
    2. Ignore Extra White Spaces Between words or sentences
          Whether to ignore extra white spaces between words or sentences in finding duplicates. E.g. “Red , Green , Blue ” vs. “Red,Green,Blue” (these 2 values are assumed to be the same if this option is selected)
    3. % of Match
          Search duplicate data by % of match. For exact match, enter 100% or enter 0% to find totally different items. You can search near duplicate items by using this option. We use Levenshtein algorithm to find similarity between string values.
  • For multi values lookup type fields, it can find the duplicate data regardless of the order how the field values stored.
  • Apply bug fixes found in previous version.
  • 14 day full-featured trial available.

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